71.4 Abortion - The Rights of the Child

Dear Immigration Minister,

Abyan (a pseudonym) : Mother in danger of aborting her unborn child.

I wonder did you personally receive my email sent to you 5 days ago regarding Abyan's plight.

I am concerned the baby might already have been killed.

Please find enclosed copies of ABC News Report and excerpt from the UN Human Rights 'Convention on the Rights of the Child' which clearly underlines our Australian Government's responsibilities accepted under its signature on behalf of unborn Australian children on 28th November, 1989, requiring them to provide legal protection for all unborn children before birth.

Sadly, the Governments of our country, since 1974 under the Whitlam Government, have funded the killing of defenceless innocents from the public purse, and have continued since then to facilitate these lethal crimes visited upon our unborn children, all in contempt of these children's inherent human rights and the pledge they, as our representatives, have undertaken to uphold on the children's behalf since November 1989.

Again sadly, all government members approving of our successive Governments' failure to honour their pledged commitment to protect unborn innocents before their birth, have rendered themselves, together with every approving Australian citizen, complicit in every one of the lethal heinous acts deliberately visited upon approx. 100,000 unborn Australian citizens every year, due to the absence of the 'signed-up-to' essential 'before-birth' legislative protection.

Is it still, not too late, to assist Abyan through her own present crisis along the lines in which I outlined in my email to you of 5 days ago?

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter

Note: No response from the Minister or his department.