True peace within oneself can only be realised when love alone permeates ones whole being. Such love yearns for the peace and well-being of every person and of every living creature. This love must live in and govern every heart for true peace to govern and reign in the world.

This love cares for friend and enemy alike. It takes no account of race or creed, but seeks only the good of all. It takes account of the common heritage of all men and looks to the prospect of all sharing a common destiny feasting together in joy at the Table of Life. It delights in the Truth and all that is good. It abhors all which would harm the well-being of even one, for to bring harm to one is to strike at that which preserves justice to all. It is to attack the same Life which is in all. As Christ said, "What you do, even to the least of the brethren, you do to Me!" (Matt.25:40) Yes, the person who would do harm to any one of his neighbours would do the same to you and to me. So, how can true peace ever come to human society? We see horrors visited upon our neighbours every day.

Consider what happens to a person tormented and fragmented within? Unless his torment be arrested at some point and his being brought into harmony and right order within him, his ego shall eventually disintegrate and collapse into the tormented world of the insane. Our world shows all the symptoms of just such a tormented, irrational human spirit bereft of wholeness and true love, incapable on its own of ever finding true peace.

On so many fronts we see leaders whose intentions may be for peace but they have not the wisdom or the hearts to achieve it. They think they shall win minds and hearts to their causes using methods capable of bringing only trauma and death to countless people. They will sacrifice innocent lives (collateral damage) to pursue their goals. They think they can bring peace to peoples using unjust means! The illogic of the irrational mind! They think they can serve the cause of life by serving death upon others! Irrational! We see innocent lives in unimaginable numbers sacrificed to satisfy the whims of mothers who will not accept the responsibilities of their motherhood. Irrational! How can the peace which only love can bring possibly bud forth from such selfish acts? How can governments which sanction and preside over such acts hope to preside over a society at peace with itself? Not hard to understand when we realise these are the same confused hearts which can sanction such patently disordered human relationships as same-sex pairs whose practices work counter to peace in every community. Look at the war in Iraq. Leaders prepared to sacrifice innocent citizens in the hope of bringing peace. Irrational! Look at the sacrificing of incipient innocent human lives in embryonic stem cell research. Irrational! The same with all IVF procedures. Irrational!
Look at voluntary euthanasia, an act of suicide, contrary to the Laws of Life, which calls others to be complicit in its act of self-murder. The list of irrationalities goes on and on. The 'love' and 'peace' they offer are false.

The quest for true peace in persons and in societies can only ever be realised by the faithful and steadfast adherence of all persons and societies to the Laws of Love. Every other law must chime in harmony with these laws and be always subject to them. The Laws of Love are true expressions of the Divine Love and Life, pure and perfect Only with the Divine Love living in our hearts may we find true wisdom and peace.

"Love is the only thing which cannot hurt your neighbour; that is why it is the answer to every one of the Commandments." (Romans 13:10)