God is a great mystery,
the greatest of all mysteries.
How can He be?
We can't see Him.....and yet.....
We know He exists,
because, if He did not exist,
we would not exist.
No created thing would,
or could, exist without God
its Creator.

God is like the air.
We can't 'see' the air,
and yet we know it's there.....
We can 'feel' it.....
and we know we couldn't live without it.
To live, we must breathe it in.....
In the world it is our 'Breath of Life'
'in which we live and move and have our being'.

And so, to the whole creation,
God is like the air:
We can't 'see' Him,
but we can 'feel' His Presence
in the beauty and wonder
of all the things He has made.

It is God Who has given
'the Breath of Life and Being'
to every creature.
It is His 'Breath' which gives us life (Genesis 2:7)
and which sustains us ,
for it is within the living breath
of God's own Being.....that we,
and the whole creation
"exist and live and move and have our being". (Acts 17:28)
He has brought us forth from, and within, His own Being.
"We are all His children." (Acts 17:28)