Man is not his own. He is totally the work and possession of that which made him. His life is a mystery. What he is and what he is to become, and from whence he came, is supreme mystery.

He awakes to find himself in the garden of life. What am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? All of his experiences take place within him. The experiences of his environment; the experiences generated from within his own being; experiences physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual; all enter into and act upon and within the 'self' of his conscious and sub-conscious being.

Life, for him, is what takes place within his own spatial consciousness. His spatial consciousness ranges from his consciousness of the finiteness of his own personal self, that is, his awareness of the 'I' of self, to his sense of the infinite capacities and reaches of his spiritual mind. (With eyes closed he can peer into an inner infinite darkness, which can at times be illumined by visions as of dreams; as also with eyes open he can peer into the infinite reaches of day and of night.)

Every experience is imprinted in the memory register of the individual, together with the character developing spiritual response of his person to such experience. The overall character, nature and heart of the individual is thus constantly in process of being formed according to the heart's response and what the mind wills, or takes, to itself from its experiences.

The whole Biblical experience of the Creation, the temptation and fall of man with its accompanying guilt and remorse and loss of his life, both spiritual and physical, together with his hope for forgiveness and redemption, is played out within the inner spatial consciousness of the mind and heart of every individual.

To those of right heart and mind, facing the impending loss of their life with its accompanying fear of the loss of their 'I' (ego); knowing their inability and powerlessness to save themselves, these men come to their knees before their Creator knowing He alone can save and restore them.

In the voice of the Church, (Christ's voice in the world) and the pages of the Scriptures, such men find the Creator's promise of salvation, and what they must do to avail themselves of the Creator's free gift of eternity. Herein, they learn is man's whole hope, life and destiny.

"You are not your own; you have been bought and paid for." (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)
"O what is man , O Lord, that you (created him) and are mindful of him?"
"O God, heaven and earth are full of Your glory."
"For what have I in heaven? And besides Thee what do I desire upon earth?
For Thee my flesh and my heart have fainted away: Thou art the God of my heart,
and the God that is my portion forever." (Psalm 72:25-26)