9.1 LIFE

What is 'Life'?
It is the Essence of what 'existence' is. Its Essence is living, loving, 'Being'. It alone is what existence is; and It exists alone; because it alone is the 'stuff' of what Existence IS. It is the fullness of what existence IS, complete in Itself. Its Being is the Light of Life; and eternal death is the living darkness that forever flees from Its Presence. It is the same yesterday, today, and forever. It simply IS; forever unchanging in Its nature and essence. It cannot cease to be.

What are we?
We are children of Life's own existence. We are living beings. We are children of Its own life, being and love.

We are children of Its own love because it has given of Itself, of the 'life' and 'being' which It alone is, to make us what we are. It has given to us to share in Its own wonder of what it is to 'be'; the wonder of what it is to 'exist'. To exist, is not ours by nature. We only exist because That Which Is Life gave of Itself to make us what we are. It is 'Being Itself', in all of the Absolute Mystery of what is the 'stuff' of Its own perfect Uncreated Eternal Essence.

O God. How great Thou art! Unending, awesome wonder! Our Father!