Engagement and marriage celebrations
are celebrations of the greatest mystery of all.
They are celebrations of love.

Love captures us
and enslaves us in its intoxicating wonder.
It both captures us, and at the same time sets us free
to plumb the fullness of its intoxicating heights,
and sometimes its heart-rending depths.
It carries us into its world,
a world without end,
a world which is everlasting;
because the heart which loves, knows,
true love has no end.

And it is this sense of the everlasting
which carries us naturally
into the Divine dimension of Eternal Life and Love.
Somehow, if our love be true,
the Eternal Life and Love which is God,
is present in the wonder of the love lovers have for one another.
The everlasting nature of their love for one another
means they are already beginning to share
In the wonder of the life and the love which is the Divine Eternity.

Love is like the finest of wines.
It intoxicates. (Psalm 35:9,10)
But, whereas wine can intoxicate the body and enslave the mind,
and ultimately destroy both of them,
true love intoxicates both soul and body
in the union of the spirit and matter which constitutes our whole person,
and sets us free to share in the fullness of the wonder of life,
awakening that fervent desire in us
that our love for our beloved should be, and last,
.....for all eternity.

Married love steals our heart, and keeps it.
It enslaves us, and possesses us,
in a union which is beyond words
in the wonder of what it is to be, not as two,
but as one,
in a union which touches ecstasy.

And then, not only as two in one,
but in company with the children of our love;
all of us now desiring together,
to be united in a vast family of love,
the family of God and mankind,
all caught up together in the Same Holy Spirit and Rapture
of the Divine Love which is for all eternity.

30th May 2007