Wrongful 'Rights' - The Moral Issues

Preamble: Where there is conflict with parties taking diametrically opposed positions on issues, obviously both cannot be right. And, in such cases there is no real 'middle ground'. The issues, in each case, involve an activity wherein the inviolability of the human person is called into question.


Killing of the unborn child was always recognised to be wrong, and so it was always a clandestine 'operation'. Today, it is 'legal' with subsidised funding from the public purse. How may the killing of an innocent ever be legalised?

In Australia, statistics can vary, but it is generally in the area of 80 - 90,000 annually, which equates to about 250 every day. And, we are a 'just' people???
Worldwide, according to the World Health Organisation, the estimate is now between 40 - 50 million annually but this has been reported to be as high as 56 million from 2010 to 2014.
Compare these figures with:
American annual abortion totals range: 1,430,000 in 1990 to 665,000 in 2013.
American war-dead in major wars from 1775 till now: approx. 1,500,000+?
Worldwide annual reported road deaths: 1,250,000.
Worldwide annual alcohol related deaths: reportedly about 3,300,000.
Worldwide annual illegal drug use death total: around 250,000.
The sum total of all deaths resulting from all wars of the 20th Century:
is estimated to be in the vicinity of 123,000,000.

This means, the 50 million deaths, annually, of unborn human innocents, over a period of 3 years, surpasses the total of a century of worldwide war-dead!!! Without the attack upon them in the womb, all would have taken their rightful place in their home societies around the world.


Euthanasia is the deliberate termination of a person's life, contrary to the fundamental principles of health-care, though not yet legal in Australia, has its advocates relentlessly pursuing its legal sanction. Currently, resistance to its dangers seems to be wilting. The act constitutes an act of self-murder-suicide.


The oxymoronic claim of marriage 'equality' for fundamentally disordered same-sex liaisons with traditional natural marriage is gaining momentum, bringing the rationality of its proponents into serious question. The unitive-procreative design of the M-F complementary genders, precludes any moral validity from ever being able to be ascribed to the unnaturally contrived, sterile 'unions' exercised by persons of the same gender.

The deviant abnormality of the relationships conflicts with rational thought, and any attempt to align the deviance with normality by giving it 'legal' sanction, is to render the initiators and supporters of such 'law', complicit in every deviant act such 'law' would 'legally' facilitate in face of its patent contempt of Natural Law.


The procedures of IVF involve the conceiving of innumerable numbers of innocent, untouchable, human lives, lives which are deemed to be expendable in the process of striving to achieve the goal of a successful pregnancy.
The wilful sacrifice of innocent lives cannot be reconciled. The practice violates every 'right' which applies equally to every life which is 'human'.

All of the (1-4) practices offend against the inviolable nature of the human person. No lawful authority ever has the 'just right' to legally sanction the doing of what is inherently wrong. It has the 'power' to do so, but never does it have the just 'right'. It would render the Civil Law, which sanctions the disordered behaviour, to be a corrupt 'law', because it would be a 'law' in culpable conflict with Natural Law.

Such 'laws' which conflict with natural justice are nonetheless inaugurated by huge numbers of persons in our societies and governments who forget that, any act which violates the inherent natural integrity of the human person, in the span of his/her life from conception to its accidental or natural death, is evil.

All such practices arise from a time when the personal autonomy of a morally errant person, allows him/herself to suppress, override and take precedence over the dictates of the natural Moral Law which is written in our human nature. When such practice IS legalised, the law which condones it is itself necessarily corrupt, and evil, because of the evil it facilitates.

The society which legalises, and aids and abets such behaviours, in effect, is sowing the seeds of its own corruption and ultimate downfall. It renders itself complicit in every immoral disordered behaviour to which it gives its sanction.

Accordingly, we should all flee from the very suggestion of such approvals and seek, to find and implement, blameless solutions to the problems which generate them, no matter the inconveniences the solutions might require of us.

(Please refer now to the accompanying pages of suggestions:
"Blameless Solutions to Society's Problems".)