To the Racist 'White-Supremacist' - Explaining Colour

What is it dear soul which makes you think yourself superior to other men?

What, in the colour of one's skin, could possibly place one colour, or person, above another? Are not all colours of our skins of the same spectral beauty as the colours of the rainbow?
Is one rainbow colour more part of its wonder than another? Does one colour exist without the others? Do not the 'rainbow' colours of our skins give equal place to each of us in the composition of our one human family?

Take the spectrum colours of the rainbow and place them as comprising a wheel, and then take the wheel and rotate it at breathtaking speed and what do we find, but that all colours merge into one as components of a mind-dazzling 'colour-white' - just as it is white light itself which is dispersed into its array of glorious rainbow colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet by the process of refraction.

And similarly, just as the refracted colours of the rainbow issue from clear white light, so do the dispersed colours of the human tribes issue as one from their one 'Divine-Light-Origin'.

All tribes of dispersed colours are as members of the one human family - as children of our One Creator-Source Who has generated us all into the 'Light' of His own Existence, all 'equally' - not one more than another. To us he says "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you". (Jeremiah 1:5)

What mind is it then which would claim for those of white skin colour, tribal supremacy over all other tribes?

What aberration of mind is it, which would have that "Our Origin-Source" holds this view when He is equally Creator to us all...when he has made us all as children to live in the one Spectrum of the Light of His own Dazzling Life and incredibly Awesome Being by the power of the Spirit at work in His incomprehensible Symphonic Mind? We call our Origin-Source, God.

So let us, all children of 'every' colour, together cry out to the one who has made us.
We are all your children! We all, belong EQUALLY to You!

"Come, everyone! Let us all go up to the House of our Father, together!" (Isaiah 2:3)

Alan Mitter
21st October 2018