Visions and Dreams

"And it shall come to pass, that I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh:
Your young men shall see visions. Your old men shall dream dreams:
And your sons and daughters shall prophesy." (Joel 2:27-32)

"Dreams...except it be a vision sent forth from the Most High,
set not your heart upon them." (Ecclesiasticus 34:6)

    Mitchie Campbell: Thursday, 13 th-14th August, 1964.

I went to bed like any other night, and I slept like any other night,...until, of a sudden, of an instant, of a breath...I sat at the window of my fullest vision...the air was an electric, vital expectant hush: not a sound; my vision locked. I was not able to look left or right, up or down, but straight ahead.

The scene was the most tranquil sunset, my gaze stretching out from atop a sand dune, across the sea to the far horizon; a few still clouds, grey, on a backdrop of sunset hues, a blending of yellows and orange and reds. The sun itself had disappeared.

Just breathless, hushed air enveloped me. I strained my eyes to the far horizon, my attention caught by the only movement of two tiny birds moving slowly, left to right, picked out against the far distant hues of colour. Not a sound. Stillness. Hush. Peace.

Then, of a sudden, out of nowhere, I was almost knocked over by a great bird, green with a red breast, which flashed up before me from below the top of the dune. I reeled, exclaiming, "What was that?!!!" A voice from the near left of me said, "It was an albatross!"
(I was unable to turn to see who was with me.)

Next, as I was struggling to collect myself, my attention was immediately caught by three figures rising directly in front of me, from beneath my vision. The central figure was lying horizontal, with head to my left, feet to my right, white gown, white skull cap, hands clasped at his breast. He was escorted by two vertical, white gowned figures, one stationed at his head, the other at his feet.

I strained to see who it was. I couldn't tell... I strained and strained, with the figures steadily rising, soon to disappear through the vertical limit of my vision. I was flabbergasted! Left with the question. Who?

I checked the morning paper. Nothing!

I went to work. I worked, but all the time I was waiting, expecting. Would something emerge?

Went to lunch. Still nothing! Came back from lunch. Still nothing! Then, it happened!

The message came to us at the office. Mitchie and a couple of the boys from the other drawing office had raced up to the Kalamunda hills to check out some land for possible investment.
Coming back along Welshpool road someone exiting a property had pulled out in front of them and Mitchie had serious head injuries. One of the others had an injury to his knee.

I knew Mitchie would not survive. He died the following Tuesday. We were all devastated. Everybody loved him. He was that sort of guy. Always good company. Always with a cheeky grin. But, I knew he was safe home. He left his lovely wife, and their little one.
Sad, to the extreme.

2. A MOUTH FOOL: May 4th 2002.

(1 Corinthians 1:26-31; 4:10-13)
("You shall be as my own mouth." Jeremiah 15:19)

A dream at about 5.00a.m. on May 4th 2002, Church Feast Day of St. Francis Caracciola, who, after his death at the age of 44 in 1608, when his chest was opened up he was discovered to have the words surrounding his heart, "The zeal of Thy house has eaten me up." (Psalm 68:10; John 2:17) His heart had the appearance of having been burnt up.

So, to the dream: I had arrived to begin teaching at a new school. There were some teachers there whom I already Knew. Barry L.... from Wesley College is one I can recall.

I didn't know the art teacher previously, and as I began familiarising myself with the new campus, I happened upon the Art Room, to discover that the teacher had already done many impressionistic portraits of staff members, and I was surprised to find he was part-way through doing one of me. I didn't like it. I had no hair yet, but, the mouth-nose area looked all wrong.

So, without even thinking, I immediately took an eraser and rubbed out the whole mouth-nose area. And, as happens in dreams, at a critical point like this, a distraction of some sort occurs. Whatever it was which caused me to momentarily look away from the 'portrait', a sound perhaps, I don't know, but, when I returned my gaze to the portrait a moment later, the whole mouth-nose area had been completed in the blink of an eye!!! It was astonishing!

It now was, as my own original rough sketch-impression shows, (which I did at the time as a record) and have photo-copied onto here; with a crucifix bursting out of my mouth...!

There are many relevant Scriptures for us to note as we cannot keep our mouths shut knowing Christ to be the Son-image of the Father, such that He could say, "Who sees Me, sees the Father, and henceforth you have seen Him." (John 8:58; 14:7,9) just as the Scriptures attest Him to being the "Son of God" (Luke 1:35) and 'The Source' of our creation (John 1:3);
"God Himself, Who has (incarnated Himself and) come into the world as Saviour."
(Isaiah 7:14; 35:4; 1 John 4:14)
Who said Himself so emphatically, "No-one can come to God the Father except by Me." (John 14:6)
And as St Paul so accurately said, "In Him dwelt the fullness of the Godhead bodily." (Colossians 2:9)

Additional Scriptures which enable all who believe in Him able to say...
"The Lord has made my mouth as a sharp sword."
(Isaiah 49:1-2)
"The Lord (has) put forth His hand and touched my mouth." (Jeremiah 1:5,9)
The Lord, Who has said...
"I will make my words in your mouth as fire..."
(Jeremiah 5:14)
"Who hears you, hears Me." (Luke 10:16) Such that we, in response, are inspired to say...
"I will show forth Thy Truth from my mouth to generation unto generation." (Psalm 88:2)
Remembering He also said...
"Whosoever shall confess Me before men, him shall the Son of man also confess before the angels of God." (Luke 12:8)
So, "Let my mouth (now) be filled with praise, that I may sing of Thy glory and of Thy greatness, all the day long." (Psalm 70:8)
"My mouth shall show forth Thy justice and Thy salvation all the day long.
You have taught me, O God, from my youth, and all my days I shall declare Thy wonderful works."

(Psalm 70:15,17)


This was an 'awake' vision, not a dream.
It was 1.30p.m. on Wednesday, 9th February, 2011.
I was intending to have an afternoon nap-rest of the elderly.
I was doing a 'crossword puzzle' and started to feel drowsy, put it aside, lights out, and closed my eyes, 'looking' into the blackness, still awake. The windows were all covered and the blackness with the 'eyes-closed' was a deep blackness.

Incredibly, of a sudden, a stark white window frame (say 20-30 cms2 - I'm guessing) appeared in the blackness of my closed eyes. Who knows, God knows, whether at that point I had transitioned into a sleep state. All I know is that, for me, I was in a state of heightened awareness as to what might transpire.

I had no sense of moving to meet the frame, but found myself peering into its opening, which till then had appeared to be only a frame within the blackness. But no. It was a square duct, say about 3? metres long, brightly lit, and meeting my gaze from the other end was one single eye. It seemed to be grey, though impossible really to tell. The eye was incredibly clear and perfect. We gazed at one another for about 20 seconds... During this time the eye blinked 3 times. Then it was gone.

I conjecture as to what may have generated this phenomenon, is that it may have come as a confirmation of the fact that so many times in my teaching years I put to my students, as the opportunities presented in situations to say, "God is always watching ", or "God is always listening", (Ecclesiasticus 42:20-21) to draw attention to the fact that, like it or not, we are always in His presence, that we all are in reality, always transparent before Him because, "He sees from eternity to eternity and there is nothing wonderful before Him." (Ecclesiasticus 23:27-29; 39:24-25) "And, it is in Him that we, and the whole Creation, live and move and have our being." (Acts 17:28)

And, so I can further conjecture as to why this manifestation at this time could well have been due to my having expressed the same, "God is always watching", in two separate instances in recent days, to two of my local shopping centre workers to whom I was chatting. It was all very jovial, but I couldn't resist saying it.

This little episode is, to me, like God saying to me, "Yes, I am really here!" But, then I wonder again why He would do it, because He knows, I know He is always present, as I know He is present to all throughout His whole Creation, present to each individually, as He is, at the same time, present to all universally. This is all part of the incredible wonder and unfathomable mystery of Who He is.
This wonderful Symphonic Father Who has generated us all, each one of us, to be His child forever.
" Let the little children come to Me, forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."
" Unless you become as a little child (with the trust of a child) you cannot enter therein." (Mark 10:13-16)

Can you not 'feel' His Ever-Presence? And, His Father-child bond enveloping you, you, who He has desired, as a Father, to generate into the Parent-world of His Existence?

Eternal Father, of us all.

Unending wonder...


This vision-dream occurred 3rd March 2010 at about 5:30am.

Of a sudden, in a very much 'alive' dream, I found myself at the right shoulder of a person hanging upside down. My eye was about at the level of the top of his upside-down shoulder, unable to see the back of his head or his legs and feet above, just looking across his broad smooth back. I naturally thought it had to be St. Peter as he was the only one we know to have been crucified upside down.

As I looked, there suddenly emerged, at Peter's left shoulder, directly across from me, but looking at Peter, the face of a person speaking very animatedly to Peter, the words simply pouring out of him in a seemingly unending stream. This continued for some minutes. His demeanour was untroubled, but earnest and I saw it as Christ strengthening Peter in his final ordeal. I was not permitted to hear His words spoken but a point of interest was that at some point I was able to see that Christ's lower jaw front teeth had little gaps between them. The vision ended with His face receding into a cloud.

Upon further reflection and consideration, to me, the vision of His face was the same, and confirmed His likeness to the computer image generated from the image on the Turin shroud.

"Once perfection comes, all imperfection will disappear...the things we see now are as a dim reflection in a mirror, but then we shall see face to face and know as fully as we ourselves are known by Him."
(1 Corinthians 13:10-12)

Turin Image

Computer Image


("Destroy this temple, and in three days I will take it up again.")
  John 2:19-21; Matthew 27:35-66; 28:1-20

26th August 2016, 8.10 a.m.

Lying in bed, having woken up for the 10th??? time after a much-disturbed night.

With eyes closed......immediately began a rolling set of 'sketch-type' images of the facial agonies of Christ, staggering and reeling His way to Calvary.

It seemed to go on and on and on and on and on.....relentless suffering.....on and on.....for my sins.

O the unmerciful, unspeakable agony of it...! O the unspeakable suffering...!

O God have mercy on me.......and all sinners.......
Have mercy upon all whom I have sinned against.......
Have mercy on all who have sinned against me.......
O God have mercy on us all.......

O inexplicably wondrous, loving and suffering God.......

O Holy One, O Mighty One, O Immortal One,
Have mercy on me, and all the children of the world.

Isaiah's (740 B.C.) Prophecy of the Passion of Christ

(Isaiah: Chapters 52:13-15 & 53:1-12)

"See, my servant will prosper, He shall be lifted up, exalted, rise to great heights."

As the crowds were appalled at the sight of Him - so disfigured did He look, that He seemed no longer human - so will the crowds be astonished by Him, and kings stand speechless before Him; for they shall see something never heard before:
"Who could believe what we have heard, and to whom has the power of Yahweh been revealed?"

Like a sapling He grew up in front of us, like a root in arid ground. Without beauty, without majesty (we saw Him), no looks to attract our eyes; a thing despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows and familiar with suffering, a man to make people screen their faces; He was despised and we took no account of Him.

And yet ours were the sufferings He bore, ours the sorrows He carried. But we, we thought of Him as someone punished, struck by God and brought low. Yet He was pierced through for our faults, crushed for our sins. (Luke 23:33; John 19:34) On Him lies a punishment which brings us peace, and through His wounds we are healed.

We had all gone astray like sheep, each taking his own way, and Yahweh burdened Him with the sins of us all. Harshly dealt with, He bore it humbly, He never opened His mouth, like a lamb that is led to the slaughter-house, like a sheep that is dumb before its shearers never opening its mouth.

By force and by law He was taken; would anyone plead His cause? Yes, He was torn away from the land of the living; for our faults struck down in death. They gave Him a grave with the wicked, a tomb with the rich, (Luke 23:50-56) though He had done no wrong and there had been no perjury in His mouth. (Luke 23:41)

Yahweh has been pleased to crush Him with suffering. If He offers his life in atonement, He shall see His heirs, He shall have a long life and through Him the wishes of Yahweh will be done. His soul's anguish over He shall see the light and be content. By His sufferings He has justified many, taking their faults upon Himself.

Thus I will grant whole hordes for His tribute, He shall divide the spoils of the strong, for surrendering Himself to death and letting Himself be taken for a sinner, while he was bearing the faults of many, and praying all the time for sinners."
"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." (Luke 23:34)

See King David's Psalm 21, which begins "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" (Matthew 27:46 & Mark 15:34)

Zacharias 13:6, 8-9.

.......and they shall say to Him: "What are these wounds in Your hands?"
And He will say, "With these I was wounded in the house of them that loved Me."

"And there shall be in all the earth," saith the Lord, "Two parts in it shall be scattered,
and shall perish: but the third part shall be left therein."

"And I will bring the third part through the fire, and I will refine them as silver is refined:
and I will try them as gold is tried. They shall call on My Name, and I will hear them.
I will say, Thou art My people: and they shall say: You Lord, are my God."

Psalm 65: "Shout with joy to God..."
Psalm 66: "May God have mercy on us..."
See: Article 87 - The Resurrection


Many years ago I had a dream - night of 8th/9th October 1977.

I was looking down upon an idyllic scene - a swimming pool with snack and drinks bar - people in and out of the water, many with their wine glasses sipping away - all having a frolicsome time.

And as I watched, of a sudden, it was as though a wind came upon them all. As one, they all went mad. They destroyed the whole venue, including the pool itself. How they did that I don't know, but the water cascaded out of the place into its surrounds as the scene ended for me.

Today, for me, I am witnessing a similar occurrence. It seems there is a wind of madness blowing over our whole society with voices proclaiming from the rooftops that it is okay for people of the same sex to live and love together as is natural only for persons of M & F genders.

Plainly, same-sex relationships fly in the face of nature, and just as the madness in the pool of my dream, the madness of same-sex relationships is intent upon destroying the notion of what is the only true M & F marital relationship, so plainly rooted in nature itself.

For anyone to say it is right that people of the same gender should be free to express their love for one another in the same way as do people of the opposite and complementary genders, is to go to war with right-reason itself. All proponents stand together as victims of the same wind of madness.

O sanity, how fragile is your grasp!


(Friday night A.M. 3-5-1996, Feast Day of Sts. Philip and James, Apostles, and the 'Discovery of the Holy Cross'.)

Dream 1. Imprinted in my mind was the memory of a dream I had in the early hours of this day wherein I was involved in a fight with a man, for what reason I have no idea, simply that it was an 'all-in' battle in which no hold was barred and I was trying my darndest to 'knock-his-block-off'. I particularly remember one real swing which missed him and there was serious 'all-in' grappling. I have no recollection as to the finish of the fight, I don't think I experienced it; maybe it simply transitioned into my next dream...but, to me, perhaps its fantasy... but I think, in all probability, it was the devil I was fighting..... like Jacob's dream of his fight with the fallen angel: Genesis 32:24-32. My 'fight' may well have been preliminary to my fighting with the devil in the classroom combatting him by trying to sow the seeds of faith in the minds of God's children in the classroom...which brings me to the next immediately following dream...

DREAM 2. This following dream was a prophetic dream of what could only be considered to be beyond the realms of possibility and not to be thought about. I was living alone in one of the poorest areas of the city in my little duplex residence, struggling to make ends meet on the uncertain scant wages of a 'relief teacher' with no hope of ever improving my situation. Remember, this was 1996.

But, on this 'night-of-the-fight' I had the 'impossible' dream, wherein I suddenly found myself sitting at a small desk in a primary school classroom, with primary school children coming in procession to me and giving me thank you cards and gifts. I had never taught in a primary school. My teaching was in Secondary Schools teaching students in Years 8-12.

In about 2001, I learned land prices were being heavily subsidised in another poor suburb which the Government of the day was in the midst of up-grading. Old government housing was being demolished and blocks of land being offered for as low as $40,000. I put my duplex on the market thinking I might have enough to purchase a cheap block and have enough $'s left to build a modest house on it. It took 6 months to sell my place, by which time the block price had reached $76,000, but I still managed to build and move to my much better new home, never to be fully completed internally by me due to scant funds and heavy land and stamp duty price increases. Nevertheless, the end result brought a vast improvement to my circumstances.

From there, the situation developed in my local parish with the call for teachers to teach children in the local Church Primary School 'after-school' Catachetics Program. The rest is history. I was a member of the Catachetics team for the 5 years, 2005-2009. Nine years after experiencing the 'impossible' dream, I sat at the table and received my little gifts.

Blessed be God forever.


(A strange setting.)

This dream was very strange and very 'real' - between 1a.m. and 2a.m. - 17th February 2006.

Suddenly, I was in a shower recess about to have a shower - when I noticed there was something on the floor of the recess. It was a book. I bent down and picked it up. It had an extremely shiny, glossy cover - I'm not sure now, but I think it was a shade of red - It was so glossy that no matter how I tilted it, this way and that, it shone and reflected and shimmered and glimmered, hurting my eyes with the strain, until I managed to catch two words - I think, in yellow - "Love God" - written, akin to this style -  Love God.

Having determined the title and returning my attention to where I was, a creepy feeling came over me. I sensed another presence in the recess with me! I turned, flabbergasted, to find myself looking into the face of Hitler!

There was no thought or thinking. My arm shot out with my finger, a millimetre from going up his nostril as I shouted, "Repent! Repent! Repent!" And he disappeared.

At that point the dream ceased, or I woke up, I don't know which. Incredible, to the extreme!

Developing on from there came the thought of formulating my articles into a book and/or website. The website became the only real possibility, and what to call it?
It had to be,  Love God.

"Repent! LoveGod! And everything will be added unto you."
(Luke 13:3; Matthew 6:33 & 22:37-40)

9. Adultery - My Dream Experience

It was during the morning night of the 4th of April 2019, (The 49th anniversary of my own failed marriage) that I found myself immersed in an experience of extreme temptation. And it all happened in a dream.

The dream was vibrantly real. There was no question of it not being actual. My unsuccessful marriage of 24 years - really long-over, years before that - meant I would be single for the rest of my life as any new relationship would be an adulterous one. At 79, I had been actually single for at least 32 years.

Adultery trangresses the Divine 6th Commandment with its God decreed consequence of banishment into relentless neverending hellfire experience.

Here I was at 79 years of age feeling ageless, when I met a similarly 'young' divorced Asian lady with whom we had a mutually 'love at first-sight-meeting' experience.

I found I only wanted to be together with her for the rest of our lives, with me 'a-never-to-be-romantically-involved-person-again', now severely torn by an 'out-of-nowhere' love between my awesome incredible love of the Divinity and my new-found overwhelming love for this lady. In those moments I resolved I had to be with her. I couldn't bear not to be with her.

Later, I found myself walking down a wide pavement footpath on my way to meet her. We would make our arrangements for our living together. Walking along, torn as I was, I couldn't see any alternative.

Then, as I walked, of a sudden, there came the moment, when I thought - midst the overwhelming feelings I had for her - "If I really love her, would I expose her to the eternal consequences the Divinity says awaits those who choose to defy His Commandments, no matter their compulsion to do so?" I also remembered His words, "Anyone who places anyone, or any thing, ahead of Him, is not worthy of Him." (Matthew 10:37; Luke 14:26)

He Who has given us our everything, is necessarily First in everything, and He requires our obedience to His will in everything. Jesus - the Son-image of His Father, (Colossians 2:9) the Divinity manifest in the world in the flesh - did only ever what accorded with His Father's will, and we are called to do the same, or pay, as He has warned, an eternal price.

"No", I thought, my love for her forbids me to expose her to such a fate. I can't do it. In that moment, I felt the burden loaded upon me, dissipate.

And, I walked, refreshed, to meet her, to explain what we had to do.

Sadly, I didn't see her again - the dream, so real - ceased at that point.