Dear Editor,

Phoebe Wearne's report (NEWS, P12, the West, 19th Septempter 2017, "Church to stay silent on the same-sex survey.") has Uniting Church Moderator, Rev. Steve Francis, in a letter, urging his church members to be, "well informed and prayerful about seeking to discern God's will in this matter."

What is so hard about it? The hand and will of the Creator is clearly manifest in the "matter" of sexuality itself, in the unitary designs of the sexes. Each is designed with the other in mind, to form a unitary-complementary relationship. The two sexes are components of the one design, with the capacity to generate a child in their own image. How is this NOT a clear discernment of the will of God? His will is discerned and made patently clear in His unitary design of the sexes with its capacity for parenthood.

Is a male designed with another male in mind? Is a female designed with another female in mind? To attribute such incongruous relationships to be in accord with the mind and designs of God is to lay challenge to the Divine Mind Itself, as it also lays open challenge to the whole society's rationality and every citizen's capacity for right-reason. Such errant minds in their arguings with the Divine Mind's intent, find reference to themselves in the Ancient Scriptures, "A sinful man will flee reproof, and find an excuse which accords with his own will." (Ecclesiasticus 32:21)

Currently, with the media's great help, a wind of errant "excuses" has blown into every corner of the land seducing vulnerable minds with its cry for "equality" with that which it is, by nature, inherently unequal.

Gullible minds, everywhere, are falling down before the lie, worshipping it; instead of worshipping, in wonder, the Awesome Divine Mind and Personage of the Divinity.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter