(This is how it all works)

"To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for: to be certain of the things we cannot see." (Hebrews 11:1 - St.Paul) Faith is about a relationship, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and our love for His Truth - love for Christ Himself, By Whom - "All things, (which means ourselves too), have been made - and without Whom nothing has been made, which has been made." (John 1:3) Christ, the Saviour, Who said: "Before Abraham was, I Am." (John 8:58) "Who sees Me sees the Father. Henceforth you have seen Him". "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life", (Jn. 14:6-9) "the Light of the world", "the Door" to Heaven.

Relationship with Him can spring from a need to know what life is all about - a need with a rising thirst for truth with the potential to encounter His claim, that He Himself IS 'The Living Truth', and that He is indeed the incarnated Source of the Comos, and of our own lives, and of every being, without Whom, we are not and never would be. When we discover Him, everything falls into place.

And, because "He IS The Living Truth" - the 'Answer' to everything, we realise our need to have His Spirit ever living at the core of our being - to govern the validity of everything we think, say and do. He must be FIRST in our life, and must preside over our every subsequent activity and relationship. As He said, " Anyone who would place anyone or any 'thing' ahead of Him - 'The Truth' - is not worthy of Him." (John 14:6) With HIS ETERNAL SPIRIT living IN us comes our GIFT of Heavenly ETERNAL Life.

We further discover Christ to be the Eternally Generated Living Son-Image of His Father by which generating action the Father 'beholds' and 'knows' Himself from all eternity, and as the Father is a Person, so too is the Christ-Son-Mirror-Image of Himself a Person of the SAME Mind, Who only ever does what accords with His Father's will. The Two are One. One does not exist without the other. Their identical hearts generate their same One Holy Spirit . The Son is generated of the Father, but their Spirit is generated of BOTH the Father and the Son.

So we, being modelled on the Son, and gifted with His Holy Spirit given to Live within us, so it is for us also, to do only what accords with the Father's will, as only that which accords with the Father's will shall EVER be done (in the lives of all who attain to live as His children) in His Eternal Kingdom of Heaven.

So now, for us, all that we do must only be done in accord with the Father's will - made clear for us in His Son, the Scriptures, His Commandments and the dictates of His Natural Laws firmly rooted in His Divine Laws. These are the limits within which we must now conduct our lives - as brethren of Christ, spiritually joined into the One Holy Spirit Life of the Divinity with the Divine Son now as "the First-Born of many brethren" - US! (Romans 8:29)

"O Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make our hearts like unto Thine."
"O Jesus, Who for love of me (and everybody) didst bear Thy Cross to Calvary.
In Thy sweet mercy, grant to me, to suffer and to die with Thee."

Alan Mitter
8th-19th December 2019

Critical to a proper understanding of what is happening here is the significance of Christ's suffering death on the Cross in atonement for the sins of mankind and his redemption. The sins of the finite creature are a culpable offence by the creature against the Infinite Majesty of his Creator. Finite man simply, of himself, had not the capacity to reconcile with the Infinite. And this is where the Infinite Mercy of the Creator derived the means for man's salvation. He would come into the world, Incarnate in Human Form, born of an Immaculate Virgin, so that His Infinite Divinity was equally present, cloaked in His humanity, His Being now of two natures, both Human and Divine. "In Him dwelt the fulness of the Godhead bodily." (Colossians 2:9) So, as both God and Man He offered Himself and suffered in His Infinite Nature reconciling all, who would accept Him as their Saviour, with the Infinite Majesty of His offended Infinite 'One Father' of us all. Unending thanks and praise forever to the Infinite Divine Son Who underwent inexplicable suffering, on our behalf, for our salvation. .

Blessed be God forever!