Sex Discrimination Bill 2018 - Schools

Committee Secretary

Submission to:
Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee (Senate)
*Sex Discrimination Amendment (Removing Discrimination Against Students) Bill 2018.

Dear Committee Members

I offer my submission from the perspective of my Catholic Christian point of view.

Christian schools have the responsibility to impart to their students Christian values enshrined in the Holy Bible Hebrew-Judeo-Christian Scriptures, the tenets of which require faithful adherence to the Divinity's Commandments and Divine Laws which define the moral limits within which our human behaviours may be rightly exercised.

Natural Laws also find their roots in the Divine Laws and these Laws work together in their behaviour-governing dictates.

Sexual inclinations which run counter to the Creator-Divinity's design for the male-female faculties complementary unitive-procreative design for their natural usage, if acted upon, create relationships which are in open conflict with the Divine Mind.

This raises the questions:
1. Could a Christian School have in its employ a teacher who is teaching and/or living, according to precepts and behaviours which are in deviant conflict with the school's Christian mandate? In conscience, it could not. It would be acting in contradiction of the values upon which the whole edifice of the school is based.

2. Could the school have in its care, students of deviant inclinations? Of course it can. Faithful to its 'Divine' values it can, without threat to its values, uphold, promote and teach all of its students, how it is that we are all called to bring our lives into accord with the 'laws', both 'Natural' and 'Divine'. And this includes those among us of every possible disposition and inclination. This, without exception, we are all called to do. There is not one child to be excluded. Not one. (It is only in an extreme circumstance that a child might be expelled - wherein a student was actively in militant, public opposition and conflict with the Christian values of the school.)

Yours faithfully,

Alan Mitter

13th January 2019