Dear Editor,

Every person needs to be able to answer the following questions. (They all have the same answer.)

  1. How did I get into the seed containing me in my mother's womb - the seed which took root and grew and developed into the person I am today?
  2. How did the apple tree grow and develop from a seed in an apple, and how many trees are contained in every apple?
  3. How did an oak tree get into its seed?
  4. How did the chicken get into its egg?

The answer of course is that we were all placed in our seed, as were the trees and the chicken in its egg.

The life cycles of the examples given, and the complex, complementary, multi-systems at work in them for their bodily operation, sustenance, and re-productive capacity, points to all being the work of an awesome unseen Intelligent Creative Power pre-existing all, as being essential for their production.

This Hidden One - essential to our existence, we call God - the incredible God with the power to put each one of us in a seed. Then consider, too, His production of the whole Cosmos - the life sustaining environment into which He has placed us in our Planet-Earth world. Incredibly awesome mind-boggling God of symphonic Mind and incomprehensible power! This is God, the generating 'Father' of us all.

Tragic it is, how so many of us live lives unmindful of His abiding Ever-Presence. We all need the simple lesson of the seeds.

Mark Twain said, "The two most important days of our lives are the day we were born and the day we found out why."

The 'why' is that God is calling us all to share in the wonder of His own Eternity, and to live our lives, now, in preparation for that life of endless wonder. With this in mind, every struggling, 'feeling-lost' soul, can find the love and hope necessary to sustain them through all of their troubles.

Find God, and find your life. It is OF His life, that we are. Seek Him. Find Him.
Without Him - we are not. Our prime relationship is with Him.

Yours faithfully.

Alan Mitter
1st September 2020