The Jewish Christ-Messiah offered Himself on the Cross of Calvary - suffering Himself, the total reconciliatory cost required for the whole of sinful Mankind's reconciliation with his offended Divine-Origin-Creator-Father Who has given us our life. Christ did it, as the means of opening the door to enable us to enter into, and to share in, the wonder of the Divinity's own Divine Eternity.

For those who accept Him as their Saviour, filled with the awesome wonder of His inexplicable gift, awaits their sharing with Him the fulfilment of His beneficent Eternal Plan - that all should live forever as children, created in the image of their Eternal Father.

For the hearts who reject Christ's reconciliatory gift He warns - they shall die in their sins - which means they shall forever endure the pains the suffering Christ had taken upon Himself on their behalf, paying the price for their salvation, a price they were simply incapable of paying for themselves.

Rejection of Christ and His inexplicable gift to us, we are warned, shall bring with it the experience of what is called the 'second death' - for in rejecting "Him, Who alone is Good" shall bring a life devoid of EVERY 'good' - life fitted only for the fire - "the 2nd death, in the burning lake of sulphur". (Luke 18:19; Apoc. 21:8) This terrifying consequence is to be avoided at all costs!

"O Jesus, Who for love of me, didst bear Thy Cross to Calvary, grant to me to suffer and to die with Thee."

"O Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like unto Thine."

"Eternal life is to know the Father and Jesus Christ Whom He has sent."

Blessed be God forever!

All thanks and praise be to God,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, forever!

Alan Mitter
6th August 2020