Islamic Ideology

Dear Editor,

Again and again we are faced with reports of atrocities inflicted by Islamic fundamentalists upon their unsuspecting targets.

The latest abominations include deluded parents sacrificing their own young innocent children among the victims of the carnage they unleashed.

There is only one ultimate solution to the demonic mindset which possesses the terrorist heart.

It is a solution no-one, to date, has the guts or heart, to deliver to the world. Because it is a solution which must ring simultaneously around the world into every corner, made public to every Muslim and every citizen of every country and every religious and non-religious persuasion, everywhere, at the same time. From there, it must filter into the awareness of every Muslim consciousness.

The message is, that the whole edifice of Islam is based upon the words of the Koran which are believed by Muslims to be the words of God's historic messenger Angel, the Archangel Gabriel. And because the words are believed to be the words of God's messenger, they are taken to be the words of God Himself. So, their 'book' is, to them, the final 'Holy Book' which has superseded and supplanted, and takes precedence over all of the Scriptures which have preceded it.

Christ, according to their 'angel', is NOT God, manifest to mankind in the flesh, as the historic Hebrew-Judaic Scriptures numerously foretold, with these same prophecies numerously verified and fulfilled, every one, by Christ as recorded in the New testament Scriptures. Christ openly and numerously proclaimed His Divinity as was declared by God's true Archangel Gabriel of the Ancient and New Testament Scriptures. (John 8:58)

In the New Testament the Angel told the Virgin Mary she would miraculously conceive by the overshadowing power of God's own Holy Spirit and that her Son would be called the 'Son of God' as was foretold in the Old Testament. (Luke 1:26-35) The Prophet Isaiah foretold, "God Himself will come and save you." (Isaiah 35:4, 7:14)

Muhammad's 'angel gabriel', on the other hand, declared 'the Son of Mary,' was "no more than an apostle." "It is a monstrous lie to say God has had a son." (Koran 5:75; 19:88)

This 'angel's' contradictions betray his true identity. He was a liar who duped Muhammad from the beginning, that he was God's messenger. He was not. His purpose was to challenge the validity of the Divinity's ancient Judeo-Christ-Messiah religion and supplant it, and claim for his religious ideology to be henceforth "the only true faith in the sight of God." (Koran 3:19)

So, Islam is a sham ideology, based upon the lies and deceptions of an Angel Gabriel impersonator.

This is the message the world and every Muslim must come to grasp. They have all been duped as surely as Muhammad was.

The one rightly placed to deliver this message simultaneously to the world is the one who occupies the Papal Office.

The current Pope Francis has failed to grasp his role and duty to meet Islam's challenge to Christ as being the world's only Saviour, Who said Himself, "None can come to the Father except by Me". (John 14:6; Acts 4:12) This Pope instead declares this ideology to be "a religion of peace", an ideology which challenges the validity of The Christ he is first in line charged to serve, promote and defend.

It is in truth an ideology based on the deceptions and lies resident in its very root, from the first moments Muhammad was beguiled by his imposter-angel-mentor-generator of the false and contradictory ideology.

Until Muslims are brought to grasp the truth that they have all been duped, so the terrors inflicted by its militant arm shall continue unabated.

When will those in the media, in face of the Pope's failure to do his duty, publish the outlined only solution by which these evils might be brought to an end?

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter
14th May, 2018