When the Divine Mind determined for His Son-Image to be incarnated of an immaculate Virgin by the overshadowing power of His Holy Spirit it happened in way similar to His creation of Adam.

With regard to Adam, first came the creation of his lifeless body form. Second came the 'breathing' of God's Life-giving Spirit into his body and Adam became 'a living soul'. His spiritual 'soul' was 'OF' the Divinity and his being was created in the 'image' of the Divinity's Being - but, he was NOT a replica of the Divinity - as one constituted as having the same Divine powers. He was a creature with an 'immortal soul's' potential to discover and behold and come to share in and know and understand the eternal wondrous Personal Nature of the Divinity as a Communal Tri-une Unity of three Divine Persons Who operate as One.

The Mind of the Godhead is called 'Father' because Its prime internal action is that of Its own Self-knowledge. His Mind knows Itself by 'generating' within Itself a complete living image of every aspect of His Being. In this way He knows Himself from all eternity unto all eternity. The Father is alive - His Image is alive. The living Generator is called 'Father' while the One generated Is called 'Son' - such that the Son can say, "Who sees Me, sees the Father." (John 14:5-21)

The hearts of the Persons are identical and both generate their Same One Spirit of Perfect Love. This Same One Spirit of Love is the Living Expression of the Love of the two identical Hearts of both 'Father' and 'Son' - and this Living Spirit - is alive in the Identity of Its own action - as being the operation of the identical hearts from which its action emanates. This is the Third 'Person' of the Divine Tri-une Communal Godhead - wherein one acts, all act - under governance of the Father's Divine Mind, forever alive in all Three - for all eternity.

Now to return to the question of the Son's incarnation as being of a pattern akin to the Divinity's creation of the first man, Adam.

With regard to Adam, as noted above. God first created his body of the dust of the earth. Then, came the 'breathing in' of his spiritual personal identity. So too, with Christ, the Eternal Divine Son. FIRST, God created His body - forming His seed in the immaculate womb of His mother - His seed IMMACULATE - untouched by the corruption brought upon all mankind with Adam and Eve's 'Original Sin' of DISOBEDIENCE - now, the Saviour of mankind was to take flesh of the Immaculate Virgin, to offer Himself in reconciliatory atonement for man's salvation on the Cross at Calvary, in OBEDIENCE to His Father's will. So, first is His body, the human seed - which being human has a soul - into which is 'breathed' the Eternal Divine Spiritual Identity of the Son by the action of the Third Person (Luke 1:35) - God's Own Holy Spirit = the 'Incarnation' of the Divinity - wonder beyond endless wonders!

"After I am lifted up, I will draw all men to Myself." (John 12:32)

See also: Article 42 - 47 in the Contents.

Alan Mitter
25th July 2020