Human Rights and the Natural Law

The Editor

2nd February, 2016

Dear Sir,

The Australian Medical Association WA president said a woman should not be "further punished" for "exercising her right to an abortion."
Report: 'Abortion prayer vigils blasted', P3, 1-2-2016.

To kill the conceived life which is already reaching towards the realisation and fulfilment of its own destiny, is at the same time, to kill the old woman or old man. Natural Law forbids it.

Natural Law dictates that no-one has a "just right" to offend against the well-being of another person or his/her possessions, the foremost possession of a person being his/her own very life. In this is established the sacrosanct, inviolable nature of every person's life. Clearly, no-one's life may ever be interfered with to its detriment, by other/s, without culpable offence to Natural Law.

How then may any voice, be it the voice of a Medical Association president, claim that any parent may justly claim "right to an abortion"; an act which deliberately destroys the life of their own innocent, defenceless unborn child when Natural Law itself decrees the first duty of every parent is to protect and nurture their child's life, well-being, growth and development.

It is heart-breaking to witness the widespread defence and legal promulgation of practices which blindly fly in the face of Natural Law, promoted and ratified by leaders throughout our world society.

Natural Law should be taught in schools; and governments everywhere, schooled, to ensure that every law over which they preside accords with it. The cause of true 'justice and peace' demands it.

Our own Australian Government is signatory to 'The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child' with its requirement that governments provide "legislative protection for all children before as well as after birth." Since the signing, no Australian Government has proved true to their promise. Instead they have steadfastly funded, from the Public Purse, the wilful killing of approx. 100,000 defenceless unwanted Australian innocents, annually, to our nation's unending shame.

Surely, this practice is at the forefront of all the crimes committed against humanity. Little do they realise, "the wisdom of God is great, and He is strong in power, seeing all men without ceasing. His eyes are towards those who fear Him and He knows all the work of (every) man." (Ecclesiasticus 15:19-20) We know this is true because, "It is IN HIM ('IN' the Spiritual Mind of the Infinite, Uncreated Ever-Presence) that we (and the whole Creation) live, and move, and have our being." (Acts 17:28) (We are all transparent before Him.)

Should a threat to their own lives occur, these same responsible polititicians, as also for all approvers and those directly associated with the evil killings, would themselves flee to the universal dictates and protections which Natural Law affords to the life of every innocent person. They forget, they are no longer innocent.

It is incumbent upon us all to repent, lest we all likewise perish.
(Luke 13:3,5; Romans 1:32; Ezechiel 33:1-20)

May God have mercy on us all.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter