Bergodlio VS God

'Pope' Francis has assumed power his Papal Office does not afford him. This man thinks he has the power and authority to re-write the Gospel. He has assumed power to overrule God's own Commandments which his Office is charged to teach, promote and defend. Beware his every word!

He has assumed, on the pretext of extending mercy to remarried couples living in adulterous relationships, power to admit adulterous persons to receive the Sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist in contravention of Sacred Scripture and God's own irrevocable Commands. In so doing he exults himself as being one whose authority ranks above that of the Divine Majesty Itself.

His presumed authority to allow persons who live their lives in breech of the 6th Commandment despite the Saviour's uncompromising prohibition of such behaviour, places this 'pope' at odds with Him Whom he is charged to serve. In so doing, he ranks his own position over that of the Saviour, and takes to himself the Saviour's own terrifying rebuke of those who would place anyone or anything ahead of Him as being "unworthy of Him." (Matthew 10:37 )
This proclamation of the Saviour, 'pope' Francis, has called upon himself.

Further, this is a 'pope' who will NOT proclaim before the world, and especially to Islamists, the Christ-Messiah as being "the world's only Saviour", (Acts 4:12) Who has entrusted him and the Church he leads to tell the whole world that, "no one can come to the Father except by Him", (John 14:6) not by a Muhammad and his Gabriel-impersonating 'angel', or a Buddah or anyone else! He muzzles his mouth in the face of Islamists who themselves, shamelessly proclaim "Islam to be the only true faith in the sight of God." (Koran 3:19)

Incredibly, it is reported that he has awarded, "the Architect of the Safe Abortion Fund with a Pontifical Honor", bestowing on Lillianne Ploumen a medal, and title of, "Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St Gregory the Great." This, to a woman also known to be strong in her support of homosexuality, same-sex marriage and all that is LGBTI.

Also, as "Consultor to the Vatican's Secretariat for Communications", he has strongly vocal 'father' James Martin advocating for change in the Church's traditional teaching and stance on homosexuality. It is not to be considered, 'abnormal', but 'different'. It does not end here. Check 'LifeSite' & Youtube.

The question may well be asked, "Is this 'pope' a Catholic?" A heretic? Yes!

(Refer to "Prophecies of Apostasy")