Dear Editor,

Re: "Bid to ban abortion protestors" by Jessica Allen,
'Today Tonight', The West, Page 13, 9-10 March, 2019.

O, that abortion should never be,
I see in every conceptus seed
all that a person will ever be.

Whole and entire, you and me
began our journeys into eternity
as did every other human seed.

Seed took root in mother's womb
to unfold as child - a babe in bloom
to hear some say there is no room...

Who hear not their baby's cry
who make instead a lethal choice
to silence forever their baby's voice.

Written in every heart and mind
is a mother's duty to her baby kin
that not to nurture it, is a mortal sin.

Where she finds her burden too great
her choice must be to keep and wait -
for loving foster parents to participate.

There is no other truly moral choice
but amoral hearts and minds hold sway
the little innocents' lives stolen away.

Stop for a moment... Listen if you can...
in the silence you will surely hear
the voices of the innocents loud and clear.

Why did you not love me?
Why did you steal my life away?
I will look for you in eternity...

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter
10th March 2019